Yoshiko Takagi /needle creator

Presidend by Quilt Studio "Atelier Quilt"

Personal History


Studied patchwark quilt under Ms. Chuck Nohara

Copyright (C) 2007 Atlier Quilt. All Rights Reserved.


Opened quilt studio "Atelier Quilt"


Exhibit quilts in various personal exhibition,
    group exhibition and atelier quilts exhibition

Artist's Comments


Earned "Excellence Award" at
                "Quilt week93"exhibition


Supervised writing "Book of Basic Patchwork Quilt"
        published by Seibidoo Shuppan Co.Ltd.

When I was young, I just loved overseas interior magazines, and everything I saw in those magazine was a total adoration.

Years later when I encounter "Quilting", I was devoted to quilting from the happiness of finding what I was long looking for.

When I think about it, it might be my destiny to meet a great mentor who had awakened my sensitivity of coloring.

I had been working on "Traditional quilts" which I adore for a long time; but also I had some chances to engage in the work
using Japanese fabrics, which made me realize beauty of such fabrics.

And these chances acknowledged me of sensitivitiy towards beauty which traditional Japanese had.

This acknowledgement made me want to pass on to the people, through me own waiy of expression, the beauty of Japanese

That led me to the world of "modern", typified by the design of art deco.

Now I have beginning to pursue the world of "WA" through gentle Japanese fabrics and new expression of "modern".

My style of creation might change when I encounter a new way of expression, but I'm quite sure that I won't be able to
break away from this mysterious world of quilting.